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Welcome! I'm delighted that you stopped by!

Again this coming year, I’m looking forward to traveling to various locations throughout the country to teach at seminars and chapters. Plus, I’ll be doing the distance learning Internet classes, which I so enjoy teaching. Being with stitchers is so special, and sharing the needlepoint I love so much is high on my list of favorite things to do.

I’d love to teach a class for your chapter or shop, please do contact me at: Sandy@SandyRodgers.com. I’ll be happy to work out dates so that I can teach these wonderful projects and techniques for your group.

I’m delighted to add several new classes to my teaching portfolio. Two-day classes: Echoes of Winter, Echoes of Autumn, Bells of Christmas, Iridescent Breeze, plus a fun new one-day class called Unmasking Color and Design, which is a non­stitching class.

If you have questions about these new designs, or any others, please do contact me.

Please stay awhile and allow me to share some of my needlework with you. The links to the left will take you quickly to various areas of the site. But before you go exploring, please let me tell you a bit about me and my embroidery.

I've been teaching across the US and internationally for over 25 years. Although I continue to study all forms of embroidery, the classes I teach focus on silk and metal threads on canvas. I blend various techniques, stitched in silk or metal threads, in my canvas creations. So you'll find that my designs don't have a strong inclination toward any one theme.

I've developed a reputation for writing excellent and complete project instructions. I do a lot of teaching and a lot of judging. And I love doing both! I also love writing about embroidery. I've had a column in one needlework magazine or another since 1985 and still do today, plus I've written seven books which quickly became needlework classics.

On this site you'll find some of my retired class project instructions for sale, as well as my books. My current teaching portfolio is here for those who are interested in arranging a class. There's also a fun section showing what I did before embroidery entered my life. You might be surprised!

Again, thank you for coming. Enjoy!

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