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This brief summary can only scratch the surface of Sandy’s extensive accomplishments and teaching engagements. Please feel free to request a full resume.

Sandy Rodgers is an internationally recognized embroidery teacher, lecturer, designer, author, and judge. She is an ANG Senior Master Teacher, NAN Certified Judge, EGA Certified Teacher, Master Craftsman in Canvas, and the third EGA Graduate Teacher. Author of seven widely acclaimed books, five are in print and currently available: Expanded Edition Silk and Metal Threads on Canvas, Revised Edition The Art of Teaching Embroidery, Needlework Tips for the Novice and Expert, MORE Needlework Tips for the Novice and Expert and #3 Needlework Tips for the Novice and Expert. Her articles are frequently published in ANG’s Needle Pointers, and EGA’s Needle Arts, she wrote for EAC’s Embroidery Canada, currently writes a regular column in ANG’s Needle Pointers and is the Editor of that magazine. She has written and taught a total of nine correspondence courses for ANG and EGA, and continues to teach and judge extensively for seminars, chapters, and shops throughout the US and Canada, working with other international students by correspondence. Sandy Rodgers is highly respected by both her students and peers for her embroidery knowledge and teaching skills.

Teaching Credentials:

  • Senior Master Teacher, ANG
  • Certified Graduate Teacher, EGA
  • Certified Teacher in Canvas Embroidery, EGA
  • Certified Judge, NAN
  • Master Craftsman in Canvas Embroidery, EGA


  • Editor, ANG Needle Pointers
  • Seven internationally acclaimed needlework classics
  • Regular column and feature articles in ANG’s Needle Pointers (currently), EAC’s Embroidery Canada, EGA’s Needle Arts, EGA’s Best of Apprize, Needlepoint Plus magazine
  • ANG Web Site "What is Needlepoint 2001"

Needlework Teaching/Judging:

  • Classes at the national seminars for ANG and EGA since 1987
  • EGA region seminars for Carolinas, Great Lakes, Greater Pacific, Heartland, Metropolitan, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Eastern, New England, Rocky Mountain, Sun, and Tennessee Valley Regions.
  • CyberWorkshops for ANG
  • Two Individual Correspondence Courses, EGA
  • Total of nine Group Correspondence Courses for ANG, EGA
  • Classes and lectures for many chapters, guilds, and shops across the US and internationally, 1984-present
  • Judging numerous exhibits and shows including: ANG National Exhibit (three times), Woodland Plantation (National Trust for Historic Preservation) Exhibit, Stan Hywet Guild, Phoenix Needlework Guild Show; plus judge for EGA Master Craftsman Canvas Embroidery Program, and many others


  • ANG Needle Pointers Editorial Board
  • Editor, ANG magazine, Needle Pointers
  • EGA National Education Committee
  • Chairman, ANG Master Teacher Program, committee positions, currently proctor
  • EGA New Kid on the Block Segment, Did You Know That...
  • National Embroidery Teachers’ Association Secretary, Two Terms
  • EGA Master Craftsman Canvas Embroidery Committee
  • Numerous region and local offices and positions

Needlework Study:

  • Annual in-depth study with Audrey Francini
  • Classes at region and national seminars
  • A continuing commitment to annually attend at least one advanced or college level class


  • Life member, ANG and EGA, plus membership in several chapters of each organization
  • National Academy of Needlearts, Inc.
  • National Embroidery Teachers’ Association
  • The National Needlework Association, Designer Member

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