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Needlework Kits

All Sandy’s instruction booklets contain information on how to lay silk threads on canvas. You can apply these tips to any other thread that needs to be laid. Project instructions also include a bibliography of suggested reading, are spiral bound with heavy plastic front and back covers, and contain all the text and photos that were used in the class or correspondence course.

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Puff Balls Puff Balls

This project includes very simple realistic shading. It’s really very easy! The booklet includes instructions on how to basic realistic shading so that you can try the technique on other projects. Sage green congress cloth is the perfect background for these yellow and cream flowers with deep green leaves. One flower is worked with cream seed beads. The finished piece may be displayed as a diamond shaped framed hanging or will fit in a box with 7" square opening.

Do Tell! Do Tell!

Remember counting the petals on a daisy and chanting "He loves me, He loves me not, ..."? Likely that's something we all did! Whether he was your true love, or not, and whether the daisy told the truth, we may not remember. But these delightful stitched daisies can grace your life while they keep their petals right where they belong!

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