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Unmasking Color and Design

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To be a good stitcher, you donít need a degree in art. Or even an in-depth study in color or design. But no matter how good your stitches are, to create really good embroidery pieces, you do need to know just a bit about color and design. Just the basics. Come spend the class day learning what these basics are as Sandy describes, painlessly in words of one syllable and with lots of illustrations and class discussion, what every stitcher should know about these sometimes murky subjects.

This non-stitching, interactive discussion will cover very basic color and design, along with how important they are in relation to needlework. Youíll receive a color wheel and value finder, learn what they can do for you, plus most importantly, how to use them. Youíll also receive a really good, multiple page hand-out with illustrations that will help jog your memory on all these terms after class.

Join us for the day and painlessly learn why it probably wonít work to use purple where yellow is called for in your class kit, why a focal point is important, how even published projects can be poor designs, plus lots more!

Level: All
Class Length: One Day (6 hours)
Ground Fabric: N/A
Finished Size: N/A
Color Choice: N/A
Student Provides: N/A
Pre-Class Work: None

Unmasking Color and Design

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