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Interrupted Flight

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Just a brief moment — that's all this delicate butterfly can pause in the almost constant quest to find the nectar which is her food. She lights among tangled reeds, however her glorious colors will quickly expose her presence. Her support is twisted cord and gold pearl purl which offers her little coverage. Soon she will be on her way again.

Learn Sandy's easy way to create depth and dimension as you use your needle and silks to create the phenomenal colors of the butterfly's wings. An in-depth study in realistic shading, we'll also use both basic and enhancement techniques. Judicious over-stitching with partial blending filament strands creates a special luminosity. Stitching time will be allotted in class for experimentation and to practice the methods with the help of the instructor.

In addition to Sandy's approach to realistic shading and how easy it is to do, we'll also learn how to paint a portion of the canvas with pigment markers, create diminishing padded areas, anchor twisted cord, do contemporary couching of pearl purl, and give luminosity to the wings with a new technique. The instruction booklet contains 'work-in-progress' photos which make completing the project easy. Basic color theory as it applies to depth perception and shading will also be discussed.

Level: Intermediate
Class Length: Two Days, 12 hours total
Ground Fabric: Spice Congress cloth
Finished Size: 3.5" x 8.5" on 10" x 14" canvas
Pre-Class Work: NONE

Interrupted Flight

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