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Summer Glory

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Evidence of the glorious splendor which blooms under the summer sun, these three blossoms nestle in luxuriant foliage. The bouquet is backed by gold gilding applied to the canvas with a Japanese technique. Drying time does not permit doing the gilding process in class, however it will discussed in detail. Stitcher will select either primrose pink or Dresden blue silks for the flowers. Framing the design is a border of silk and metallic in variations of an ancient braiding stitch combined with bullion couched in a contemporary method.

Techniques learned in this class are: the easy way to create realistic shading (no need to lay threads), counted stitch shading, a contemporary method of couching bullion, importance of value placement in forming perspective, optical mixing, simultaneous contrast and its importance in embroidery, how a border effectuates a cohesive design, repetition of color and value to establish a focal point, variations on a counted stitch. Although Summer Glory was designed as a companion piece to Spring Promise, Autumn Fulfillment, and Winter Expectation, each design has the strength to stand alone.

Summer Glory

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