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Metal Threads on Canvas Notebook

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The proper use of metal threads can bring a design together in cohesive harmony. Incorrect use can cause a project to be amateurish and lacking in appeal. This class helps students learn how to work with these special materials so that they are displayed to greatest advantage and the design is enhanced.

Students will create a notebook of technique samples, learning what each thread is and how to stitch with it. The class will consider both metal and metallics. Some techniques to be stitched are: three methods of attaching twisted cords; crinkle; metal and synthetic plate; how to wind Japanese thread on koma, how to use them, and stitching with the thread; pattern and Italian couching; raised couching over padding; Or Nué and variation; three methods of attaching tubular and flat braids; plus traditional and unconventional couching of four bullions. In addition to threads and materials for stitched samples, students will receive a 3-ring notebook, plastic page protectors, mounting pages with pre-printed notes, extensive written material on history, stitch suggestions and diagrams, and a glossary of terms. This is an important class for students who wish to expand their embroidery skills.

Method of Presentation: Notebook Samples, Lecture, Discussion
Level: Intermediate
Class Length: Two Days
Ground Fabric: #23 Congress Cloth
Finished Size: Multiple Notebook Samples, Various Sizes
Student Provides: 12" x 16" working frame, scissors to use on metals, pair of koma, usual supplies including canvas marker
Pre-Class Work: No

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