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Light to Dark and Back Again – Notebook Class

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There is so much more to the technique of shading on canvas than just mixing thread colors in a given stitch. Knowledge and use of these methods can help improve almost every piece of needlework. Even if the composition is worked in one value of one color, knowing how and where to use texture to create shading will enhance the focal point. Learning these skills is simple, well within the abilities of intermediate stitchers, and most of all, fun. This is an important class for those ready to improve their level of expertise. The class is devoted to learning about and stitching notebook samples of basic shading techniques: pointillism, optical mixing, realistic, counted stitch, block, satin, tapestry, ombre, and stylistic. Students receive a three-ring notebook to hold these samples, mounting pages on which to place them, plastic protective pages, and canvas with the sample motifs drawn, threads and needles with which to work them, plus extensive written material on each style of shading.

Level: Intermediate
Class Length: Two Days
Ground Fabric: Congress cloth
Finished Size: Notebook samples
Color Choice: Choice of color placement
Student Provides: Working frame 14" x 14", cover cloth, usual supplies including laying tool
Pre-Class Work: None

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