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The Art of Teaching Needlework

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Teaching brings pleasures and the wonderful satisfaction of sharing your love of needlework, but also some predicaments. This class addresses both extremes. Although focusing on the positive, the class will cover the various aspects of teaching at the local, regional, and national level. By being aware of obstacles and potential pit falls, in advance, frequently undesirable situations can be avoided. The Art of Teaching Needlework will prepare prospective teachers for many of the situations they may encounter. Those who are already working as teachers will have the chance to air their concerns and thoughts. The questions that plague all teachers will be considered and dealt with. Through group interaction and direction of the leader, solutions will be found.

The class will be conducted in a question/answer and discussion format. Interaction will be encouraged. Subjects to be covered include: basic paperwork, résumés, biographies, contracts, pricing materials, teacher’s classroom etiquette, beginning investment, laws concerning record keeping, proposals, the benefits of certification, how to handle correspondence, student instruction booklets, student letters, using a computer in your work, continuing education, combining your professional life and personal life, creating teaching designs, copyrights, publicity, finances, professional image, handling difficult classroom situations, student/teacher relationships, personal image, plus other concerns as presented by class members. This class will benefit both the teacher and her current and future students.

Level: All
Class Length: Two Days
Ground Fabric: Not Applicable
Finished Size: Not Applicable
Color Choice: Not Applicable
Student Provides: Materials for taking notes, any questions or topics they would like to discuss regarding teaching problems.

Art of Teaching Embroidery

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