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Life Before Embroidery ...

Before becoming enchanted with silk and metal on canvas, Sandy was known regionally as an outstanding cake decorator. She specialized in English, African, and South American decorating styles. Brides actually set their wedding dates according to her available time slots!

Today, Sandy considers the time spent studying cake decorating as preparation for her embroidery designing and teaching loves. The lessons she learned while combining icing colors are the same ones she applies to the silks which are so much a part of her life today.

Here are a few photos of that earlier pursuit (click on the small image to see a larger one):

cake decorator
Christmas cake, completely edible. Icing rings support icing curtain bars. Icing holly on center of cake, under each ring, and at points of built up base.
spacer wedding cake
Wedding cake. Thin icing wings, supported only at the base. Completely edible except for the posts and figures.
fall cake
A fall cake featuring golden icing mums. Highly built up "Lambreth" work. Completely edible.
pink birthday cake
Pink birthday cake. Features darker pink roses in the center and under the curtain of icing strings which are supported only at each end. Completely edible.
butterfly cake
A butterfly with icing wings ready to take flight. Curtain of icing strings which are supported only at each end. Completely edible.
birthday cake
This was a birthday cake for our daughter. The orchid and other flowers are all editable. The cake was good, too!

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